IBT Group offers “key-in-hand” solutions for public works in a wide range of electric energy industries.
The group has experience, technical and financial capacity for the development and equipment, in projects from mobile electric generation services to high-scale electric transmission infrastructures.
The company deals with full services in different sectors of the electric energy, guaranteeing all the phases of the project, including the installation of specialized machinery, complete certified training of the employees responsible for their control and management.
IBT Group’s energy projects: activity areas
The activity areas in energy industries where IBT Group offers solutions include:

  • Electric lines and sub-stations
  • Public works of electric generation
  • Electric generation equipment
  • Portable and mobile electric generation solutions
  • Solutions of natural, efficient and sustainable energy
  • Training and certification of employees in their workplace

IBT Group’s values in energy projects
IBT Group carries out projects related to different sectors related to electric generation and profiting.
With them all, the group targets the objectives of fostering the economic development of the area, promoting the employment of local professionals, making the most of natural energetic resources and generating an efficient electric energy sustainable to the environment.
IBT Group offers the full EPC service (Engineering Procurement and Construction) which guarantees the public administrations that the company will be in charge of all the phases, details and needs that each project may require; so, it will offer key-in-hand the work finished with the installations and equipment, ready to work.
This full service offered by IBT Group for projects related to generation and profiting of electric energy includes:

  • Logistic planning and counselling of the project
  • Engineering and construction of electric transmission stations and systems
  • Planning, design and installation of:
    • Electric lines
    • Electric sub-stations
    • Electric energy generators
    • Electric transmission transformers
  • Emergency electric generation solutions and equipment
  • Analysis and studio of needs and solutions for sustainable energy projects:
    • Hydroelectric energy
    • Eolic turbines
    • Solar energy
  • Selling and delivery of natural and sustainable energy equipment
  • Search and hiring of professionals (prioritizing local people)
  • Supply of materials and machinery required for the project
  • Development, construction and follow-up of the work linked to the project
  • Training with certification for users and employees in their workplace
  • Delivery key in hand of the project

IBT Group guarantees in energy projects
IBT Group has carried out projects in different energy sectors in places like Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Ghana or Peru. The diversity of projects and experience gained with them presents the company with enough guarantee as for accomplish any work related to the electric generation to a small and mid-scale.
For these key-in-hand projects, the group also counts with interesting financial packages allowing public institutions to deal with these works with a long and mid-term financing in highly favourable conditions. This is possible thanks to the agreements of IBT Group with exporting countries and purchasers, together with international private financial sources.