IBT Group has a wide experience in the development of infrastructure Works and construction projects for public and private institutions all over the world.
Its work and experience are recognised by more than 40 years in infrastructure projects already performed in different activity areas.
The group offers its clients full services adapted to their needs, covering from engineering, studies, design and construction to sales, delivery and installation of equipment, with the subsequent training, maintenance and operation.

IBT Group’s infrastructure projects: activity areas
IBT Group Infrastructure carries out the following activities:
  • Highways, highroads and roads
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges, viaducts and large structures
  • Airport projects
  • Railway works
  • Seaports, harbour infrastructures and sea works in general
  • Hydraulic infrastructures
  • Water treatment and management
  • Environmental restoration and reforestation
  • Garbage treatment and dumping sites
  • Residential areas
  • Public areas and urban infrastructures
  • Jails and prisons
  • Embassies
  • Educational buildings
  • Residential buildings and apartments
  • Sport infrastructures

IBT Group’s values in infrastructure projects
IBT Group carries out infrastructure projects which contribute to the economic development of the area, of the citizens and of the commercial, industrial and other related services sector.
The full PEC service (Engineering Procurement and Construction) offered for each project allows guaranteeing the public administrations in charge of the license to count with a full coverage, for each of the phases of the project.
Generally speaking, a full service for an infrastructure project includes:

  • Project planning
  • Work engineering
  • Analysis and studio of needs
  • Search and hiring of professional staff (prioritizing local people)
  • Supply of materials and machinery
  • Construction
  • Development and follow-up of the works
  • Safety signage and alike
  • Transport and installation of the equipment
  • Professional training of the machinery and the equipment installed
  • Adaptation of the infrastructure environment in public and private areas
  • Key-in-hand delivery

IBT Group’s guarantees in infrastructure projects
Apart from the more than 500 infrastructure works carried out, the group offers guarantees of service with additional measures helping to maintain its excellence in each project.
Financing: IBT Group offers interesting financing packages to its clients, in a medium and long term with profitable advantages. To do it, it counts with bilateral agreements among exporting countries and purchasers, as well as private international financing sources.
Quality: The group offers a guarantee of quality in its projects based on two related areas. The first corresponds to the quality compromise in relation to its clients, professional staff and environment, properly certified by AENOR to a national level and IQ-NET to an international one. Secondly, it also offers a quality guarantee with respect to materials and manufacturers participating in the development of the project, thanks to strategic alliances of IBT Group with international first brands and their branches.
International presence: IBT Group has a presence in more than 30 countries and a staff with more than 5,700 professionals. For each international project, it chooses the strategy of opening a local branch, with which improving the management of each infrastructure work. It also defends the hiring of local professionals, in order to make quicker and easier the work issues. In addition, the group counts with international branches and affiliates, specialized in the development of infrastructures, construction projects and equipment for public institutions.
Compromise: IBT Group is an active member of the Global agreement, as well as of the Spanish Network of the Global Agreement. The compromises derived from this adjoining are kept in the development of any infrastructure project carried out by the company in the world.