IBT Group offers full solutions for public Works and equipment Projects in almost all the industrial sectors.
Its wide experience and the work together with its branches allow it to develop diverse projects, from building public works with social impact and delivery of specialized equipment to employees training.
The group carries out all these projects always offering “key-in-hand” solutions and full EPC service (Engineering Procurement and Construction), to guarantee the complete development of all the phases of the work.
The activity areas in other industries in which IBT Group offers “bespoken” solutions are:

  • Plan, design and build of greenhouse and leisure centres
  • Transport equipment
  • Farming equipment
  • Asphalt plants
  • Sea means of transports for research and public bodies
  • Robotized parking
  • Other clients’ needs
  • Employees’ certified training in the workplace

IBT Group’s values in other activity areas
IBT Group transfers its values as an international company to the development of any project, no matter the industrial sector it belongs to.
These values can be identified as follow:
More than 40 years of experience in the building field and infrastructure services allow IBT Group to face any big or small-scale project, in any industrial area.
Attention to the needs
IBT Group carries out social, cultural and economic researches, to identify the needs in each act zone, with the aim to offer the best service possible, fitting the objectives of the public administrations of every country.
Service improvement
Among IBT Group’s objectives is the improvement of the society’s life quality. Its projects aim at improving the existing services in the related industry, so all the citizens can benefit from them (clients, patients, merchants, dwellers…).
Financial solutions
The group offers interesting financial packages to medium and long term, thank to multilateral agreements with exporting countries and purchasers, as well as with international banks and private financing sources.
Quality of the service
IBT Group maintains a quality compromise with its clients certified by AENOR to a national level and by IQ-NET in the international scope. This quality applies both to the raw materials to be used, as well as to the machinery, the equipment or even the training of professionals.
The company has a presence in more than 30 countries and a staff above 5,100 professionals. IBT Group maintains this spreading through the opening of official branches in each act zone, as well as contracts to local professionals. In order to achieve it, it also supports itself on international branches and associates specialized in different industrial areas.
World agreement
From December 2013, IBT Group is part of the World agreement (Global Compact) and the Spanish Network of the World Agreement. All the compromises binding the adjoining to this agreement are maintained in the development of any project for all the industrial areas in any part of the world.