Program Management

IBT has dedicated a division exclusively to implementing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) worldwide. This Division helps utilities determine the best solutions for their needs and beyond. IBT helps the utility build solid business cases, develop true revenue increase targets and perform process re-engineering needed to realize the full benefits of such systems. IBT not only has the talent to develop the road map to higher level of customer service but also the tools to drive the course to ensure all targets are met.


Through established strategic alliances with industry leaders at all levels of the AMI chain-from meters, networks, installers and software integrators - IBT is able to provide exceptional value to its public entity customers. IBT is the Diehl Water Meter distributor for Florida and Southern Georgia. The Diehl water meter is a leading Ultrasonic meter with an expected life span of over 20 years. On the large meters, the Diehl Ultrasonic meter can have the battery changed out while the meter is installed providing a life span of 40 years. These meters are compatible with all AMI systems with encoder registers.


To further ensure the successful implementation of these systems, IBT is able to offer financing to public entities by way of public private partnerships (P3) for which we have been recognized in having completed one of the top P3s in the world.


IBT AMI brings more than 40 years of infrastructure experience, including water AMR/AMI Meter/MIU installations, and uses its proven AMI project methodology to ensure a smooth transition for all public departments and their customers. We also work with the utility on revenue leveling, rate analysis and critical reporting to help the utility increase its level of customer service at a lower cost.