IBT Group has a sound experience offering solutions for healthcare public work projects.

The group offers EPC service (Engineering Procurement and Construction) both for building general and specialized hospitals, mobile clinics and equipment projects in several healthcare sectors worldwide

In addition, IBT Group calso offers personal certification and equipment, so guaranteeing a full training of the professionals

IBT Group’s healthcare projects: areas of activity

The areas of activity that IBT Group carries out in projects of healthcare public projects include a wide range of solutions:

  • Hospital centres and of primary assistance
  • Hospitals and sanitary mobile units
  • Centres for distribution of pharmacological and medical products
  • Sale of medical equipment
  • Consumables and medicines
  • Ambulances and other medical vehicles
  • Equipment conveyance, worker certification and training

IBT Group’s values in healthcare projects

IBT Group  deals with healthcare projects focused on the improvement or supply of medical and hospital services following the clients’ needs.

Its experience in the sector, more than forty years, allows the group performs construction, widening or remodelling projects as well as those of adaptation of the medical facilities to the current standards, in what patients’ comfort in waiting rooms refers and the attention and diagnostic services.

The IBT Group EPC service (Engineering Procurement and Construction) guarantees the complete performance of a healthcare project.

In general, the service offered for the different healthcare projects includes:

  • Logistic planning and counselling of the project
  • Needs and solution analysis and studio for each project
  • Search and hiring of professionals (prioritizing local people)
  • Supply of materials and machinery required for the project
  • Development, construction and follow-up of the work linked to the project
  • Needs analysis and planning of medical equipment
  • Selling, transport, delivery and installation of medical equipment
  • Training with certification for users and employees in their workplace
  • Logistic planning of ambulances and other medical vehicles
  • Sale and delivery of ambulances and other medical vehicles
  • Delivery and distribution of medicines, tangibles and other medical supplies
  • Adaptation of the outer environment to the hospital and medical centres
  • Turnkeey delivery of hospital centres and mobile medical units ready to work

IBT Group’s experience in healthcare projects

In its 40 years in the market, IBT Group has built more than 45 hospital facilities, counting in hospitals, primary attention centres and haemodialysis units.

Currently, the group is building 20 hospitals all over the world, 15 fully completed.

In total, IBT Group has installed more than 3,600 hospital beds for patients who require staying in some of those centres.

In addition, the experience in the healthcare sector allows IBT Group offering full guarantees in the full service of selling and installation of specialized medical equipment, as well as the building of the required installations for services like:

  • Rooms with hospital beds
  • Operating rooms for daily, special or urgent surgeries
  • Intensive care units
  • Medium care units
  • Rooms with service of attention for urgent patients
  • Complete facilities for psychiatric services
  • External consultations areas
  • Nephrology units
  • Chemist’s service
  • Blood laboratories
  • Physical medicine services
  • Rehab clinics
  • Sale, installation and training in equipment for:
    • Image diagnosis
    • Dermatology
    • Odontology
    • Infectiology
    • Cardiology
    • Geriatrics
    • Etc