IBT Parking specializes in the design, research and development, production and installation of semi and fully automated parking systems to provide a custom, comprehensive, and appropriate parking solution to any project. For the past two decades, IBT Parking has been researching, developing and refining mechanical parking systems to develop a proprietary, best of bread line of semi and fully automated parking systems which are guaranteed to perform as designed. IBT’s value is in providing vertically integrated solutions through its in-house group of professionals with extensive experience in the fields of architectural and urban design, consulting, engineering, construction and maintenance of semi-automatic and fully automated parking systems. The Research and Development department is always at the forefront of what’s new – looking to integrate the latest technology and forward thinking applications to our systems and services – from smartphone applications to integration with IoT (Internet of Things) networks.


Semi-Automated Parking Solutions

The semi-automated line of parking systems is offered in three unique parking solutions based on maximizing parking for a variety of applications. All solutions offer exceptional efficiency at a significantly lower price as compared to a typical parking structure.

SP- Surface Parking Series

Designed to maximize existing or proposed surface parking lots, the SP series is our most people friendly model for use by everyday commuters due to its simple and safe use and is ideal for municipalities seeking greater income potential of existing surface parking areas without investing in a more costly multi-level parking structure. 

VP- Valet Parking Series

A valet parking model allowing two to four vehicles to be parked in tandem. Perfect for valet related developments such as hotels, shopping centers and restaurants.

PRO ViP Unlimited Series

Designed with auto dealerships and car rental companies in mind. This model is best suited for special commercial storing/warehousing/stocking of vehicles capable of parking upwards of five cars in tandem.

Fully Automated System

A fully automated parking system only requires a user or a parking attendant to position the car in the transfer area. Once the car is in place, the mechanical system transports it to a previously chosen parking space in the system.