IBT Group has extensive experience in the development of infrastructure works and construction projects for public and private institutions around the world. Their work and experience are endorsed by more than 20 years of infrastructure projects executed in various areas of activity.

The group offers comprehensive services adapted to the customer needs ranging from engineering, studies, design and construction to the sale, delivery and equipment installation, with the resulting training, maintenance and operation./p>

IBT Group’s infrastructure projects: Areas of activity

IBT Group’s infrastructure carries out the following activities:

  • Highways and roads
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges, viaducts and large structures
  • Airport projects
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Railway projects
  • Maritime ports, port infrastructure and maritime projects in general
  • Hydraulic infrastructure
  • Water treatment and management
  • Environmental restoration and reforestation
  • Waste and landfill treatment
  • Urbanizations
  • Public areas and urban infrastructure
  • Penitentiaries
  • Embassies
  • Academic buildings
  • Residential buildings, urbanizations and parking lots
  • Sports infrastructure

IBT Group’s values in infrastructure projects

IBT Group carries out infrastructure projects that contribute to the economic development of the area, citizens and the commercial, industrial and related services sector.

The integral service "EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)" offered for each project guarantees the public administrations in charge of the concession to have a complete coverage, for each phase of a project.

In general, a comprehensive service for an infrastructure project includes:

  • Project planning
  • Civil work engineering
  • Analysis and needs study
  • Search and hiring professionals process (primarily local)
  • Supply of materials and machinery
  • Construction
  • Development and monitoring of the civil works
  • Safety and related signaling
  • Transport and installation of the equipment
  • Transportation and equipment installation
  • Professional training of machinery and equipment installed
  • Adaptation of the environment in public and private infrastructure areas
  • Turnkey delivery

IBT Group’s guarantees in infrastructure projects

In addition to the works carried out, the group offers guarantees for its service with additional measures that help maintain its excellence in each project.

Financing: IBT Group offers interesting financial packages to its clients in a medium and long-term modality with beneficial conditions. For this, it has bilateral agreements between exporting countries and buyers, as well as sources for private international financing.

Quality: The group offers a quality guarantee in its projects based on two related areas. The first corresponds to the commitment of quality to clients, professional workers and environment, certified correspondingly by AENOR at a national level and by IQ-NET, internationally. It also offers a quality guarantee of the materials and manufacturers involved in the project development, thanks to IBT Group's strategic alliances with leading international brands and subsidiaries.

International presence: IBT Group is present and has a staff of more than 5,100 professionals. For each international project, they lead address the strategy of opening a local office to improve the management of each infrastructure project. They also defend the hiring of local professionals, to facilitate work tasks. The group also has subsidiaries and international partners, specialized in infrastructure development, construction projects and equipment for public institutions.

Commitment: IBT Group is an active member of the Global Compact. The commitments derived from this union are maintained in the development of any infrastructure project that the company carries out in the world.