IBT Group


Our commitment to sustainability motivates us to design projects that optimize the use of current resources to ensure the future of the generations to come.

Our main business activities are the construction and management of public and private infrastructure and our goal is to execute quality work safely for both workers and users. For this reason, when we design our projects we include the optimization of natural resource use, the protection of our employees and partners, respect for the physical surroundings, the environment, and the social setting of the communities where we do business, as well as excellence in the services we provide our users with.

We are convinced that innovation through the use of new materials and technologies, proper waste management, the training and development of our employees' potential, and the improvement of public services all help us to be more competitive, improve the quality of life of our internal and external interest groups, and increase our presence on a global market where there are still significant gaps in terms of infrastructure that we hope to help to bridge.