National Network of Hemodialysis Facilities

Project Status: 
In operation (concessions)

The hemodialysis program being developed in consortium with the Social Security Administration establishes the design and rehabilitation of existing facilities and the construction of new infrastructure for patients of the national hemodialysis program. This beneficial project will build and remodel 16 hemodialysis facilities around the entire country. The project includes the supply and installation of hemodialysis equipment, as well as the provision of medical products and maintenance of equipment for a period of 52 months. In addition, all equipment with more than 30 thousand hours of life will be replaced.

The construction and equipment of these facilities will take place in the metropolitan area of Panama City and in eight cities in the interior of the country, while the expansion of 3 facilities and the restructuring of 4 facilities will take place in the interior and in the capital, including those already operating for the Complejo Hospitalario Metropolitano of the Social Security Administration.

The remodeling and construction of these facilities includes more comfortable and spacious waiting rooms for patients in need of treatment and their families. The goal is to eliminate overcrowding and discomfort of an increasing population of hemodialysis patients.