CSS wil count on 13 new hemodialysis facilities at a national level

With an investment of 126 million 341 thousand dollars, the Social Security Administration (CSS) will be able to provide hemodialysis treatment services in 13 new facilities and 4 remodeled existing facilities.

The project, which includes construction and habilitation, will be completed in 52 months.  In total, the project will include 311 new machines at a national level.

Around the entire country, the CSS provides services to 1,059 patients and it is estimated that by 2016 it will need to provide services to 150 more patients per year.

Presently, the CSS spends $2,249 dollars per patient a month on hemodialysis treatment.  This new contract will reduce government costs to $1,739 per patient a month.

This project is being executed by IBT Medical Outsourcing Services.