Dominican hospitals listed among qualified with better infrastructure in Latin America

Global Health Intelligence, a leader in providing analytical data on health care for Latin America, published "HospiRank" its ranking of the best-equipped hospitals in Latin America in 2019, where Dr. Ney Arias Lora Trasumatológico stands out as one of hospitals with better infrastructure to accommodate a high volume of procedures.

This ranking is based on solid data documenting the quantities of basic equipment already installed.

The ranking was developed to identify major hospitals within each country.

In the "HospiRank" list of the best equipped Latin American hospitals is taken into account that is best equipped for patients, for having the best infrastructure for a high volume of procedures, have the highest surgical teams having the highest concentration cardiovascular health, more equipment for imaging, among others.

The director of the Traumatology Dr. Ney Arias Lora, Dr. Ysabel Santana, thanked the recognition and said it will continue with all employees working for users.

In this year 2019 in the health center they have been made until October 48 seven thousand procedures.

Data feed HospiRank come from HospiScope, massive hospital data base created by Global Health Intelligence. HospiRank covers several of the key Latin American hospital markets, including the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and others.