Eurofinsa completes 30-million-euro highway in Costa Rica

Madrid, Oct 31 (EFECOM). - Eurofinsa has completed and opened to the public a 30-million-euro highway in Costa Rica creating 750 jobs during its 20 month-long construction.

The company informed today that the infrastructure consists of 4 lanes and is the renovation of the Ruta Nacional number 35 between the towns of Florencia and La Abundancia, as well as three lanes of the ring road between the city of Quesada and La Abundancia.

The work also includes the construction of four bridges, an interchange and an underpass via two gantry style structures.

Eurofinsa has emphasized that the highway will contribute to boosting the economic development of San Carlos area and will join the Interamerican North Ruta 1 with the country’s most productive region.

El Confidencial