Eurofinsa Takes on an Ambitious Water Purification Project in Sri Lanka

The Spanish multinational consolidates its position on the Asian continent with a variety of water treatment projects

Eurofinsa Takes on an Ambitious Water Purification Project in Sri Lanka

  • With a budget of 42.5 million euros, 70% of the project has been funded by the Government of Spain.
  • The project will ensure the supply of drinking water to rural populations, thus promoting their health and social development.

Madrid, 31 July 2018.

Eurofinsa, a multinational Spanish group specializing in the development of public infrastructure, has begun the construction of a water treatment and distribution system that will provide drinking water to over 81,000 people in the Province of Anamaduwa in Sri Lanka.

With a budget of 42.5 million euros, the project has been partly financed by the Government of Spain and it is framed within the context of a long-term plan by the Ministry of Water to guarantee the supply of drinking water to the country's entire population.

This project will contribute very positively to the region's social and economic development, optimizing the existing water resources and guaranteeing supply to the population and to factories in a sustainable way that is respectful with the environment", noted Alejandro Tuduri, Direct of Eurofinsa's Water Division. "Currently, the supply of drinking water there is practically non-existent and, therefore, the project will also contribute to reducing the illnesses that result from ingesting non-potable water, thus significantly improving the quality of life of the inhabitants."

Due to the vast area covered by this project (125 municipalities), its deployment requires a great deal of logistic coordination and the opening of various work bases to tend to the large number of worksites functioning simultaneously.

Both the treatment plant and the water collection plant will be built on land near the Inginimitiya Dam, in locations that are respectful to the environment and the natural surroundings. The construction of the distribution network will not have a negative environmental impact as the waterlines will be buried.

The project's sustainability is based upon its periodic maintenance, which has two main aspects:

  • Firstly, constant attention from the National Water Supply and Drainage Board of Sri Lanka is required. In order to ensure the continuity of operations, Eurofinsa has developed a program for the training of qualified staff to cover the areas of administration and management, facility operation and maintenance, and compliance with the sanitary standards for water purification.
  • Secondly, the design of the facilities is based on elements whose spare parts and consumables can easily be obtained within the country.

Main Project Data:

  • Water Production: 11,000 m3/d.
  • Adduction: 790m.
  • Transmission: 60,229 m.
  • Distribution: 328km
  • Municipalities benefited by the project: 125

The implementation of this ambitious project strengthens the path that Eurofinsa has taken in Asia, a continent where the Spanish multinational has already successfully carried out various projects, mainly related with water treatment.