Fisculco water pumping project against the water deficit in Sucre (Bolivia) FISCULCO

The contract guaranteeing the construction of the Fisculco water pumping system was signed last 28th December. The project aims to end with the potable water scarcity in Sucre, the capital city of Chuquisaca and Bolivia, where a water shortage caused by droughts resulted in severe rationing.

Bolivian chief executive, Evo Morales, stated in his Twitter account: “Sucre demands 400 liters of water per second. The first phase will pump 500 liters per second. The second phase will pump 700 liters per second, enough to supply Sucre with 40 years of potable water. This is the result of the combined action of authorities along with social movements.”

The construction, which amounts to Bs 32 million, will be run by the Spanish company Eurofinsa. They agreed to finish the project within a 10 months deadline. The Bolivian central government will fund half of the costs, whereas the municipal government and the city council of Sucre will finance the remaining 50%.

Morales explained that he convoked the city councillor, Iván Arciénaga, right after having knowledge of the critical situation in Sucre. Arciénaga proposed the Fisculco water project, which would be placed at the confluence between Potolo and Ravelo rivers.

The Ravelo River’s watershed decreased considerably its water flow from 340 liters per second to less than 100 liters. Potosí was also widely affected by the lack of water, there, the government called the state of emergency and declare the water rationing.

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