Miami company invests in the environment

The global construction group is helping to replant a tropical rain forest in the Dominican Republic, contributing to the country’s ongoing reforestation efforts.


IBT employees helped to dig holes, plant, and tamp in 1,500 western pine and cypress trees, golden penta, and guázara seedlings. Earlier in the year, volunteers also helped plant another 1,500 seedlings as part of an ongoing collaborative project within the Scientific Reserve Las Neblinas. A cumulative 65,000 seedlings have been planted in the 16-square-mile reserve since it was created in 1996 for soil and water conservation. Several agricultural communities in the Constanza township rely on water originating in the mountains for drinking and irrigation.

“At IBT, we think sustainably, and we stand behind our commitment to the environment in the countries where we have a presence,” said Daniel Toledano, managing director of IBT of Miami, which specializes in the development of public works, implementation of construction projects and equipment for public institutions. “For the past two years, our employees have volunteered to plant trees and other foliage in the mountains of Constanza. Most recently, they worked in an area in the region heavily diminished by forest fires.”

Alfridomsa, Parque del Prado, and CCE, part of IBT in the Dominican Republic, worked in partnership with members of the 6th Battalion of Hunters and local firefighters. The region’s municipal environmental office donated masks and sanitary gel to allow volunteers to meet COVID-19 safety measures. The day was coordinated and supported by the country’s environment ministry and environmental council.



October is recognized as the month of reforestation and on the occasion of this, Alfridomsa and IBT Group call on all sectors to carry out their own conferences and thus create a positive impact on the environment. They also made an energetic call to the authorities to prosecute and apply drastic criminal and administrative sanctions to those who lacerate the environment with illegal practices, affecting the forests and consequently the sources of aquifers. Every year both companies together with the environment and other institutions carry out multiple tree planting days.