IBT Group

Diversity and Equality

In order to retain the best professional talent, IBT Group has set the objective of providing equal opportunities and respecting diversity, complying with the laws in force in each country. Because we are aware that not all countries where we operate have specific laws on these matters, we have a Code of Conduct and several Local Labor Rules in order to apply some basic principles to everything we do:

  • Encourage the creation of stable, quality jobs that allow for the development of our employees' potential and the improvement of their professional skills.
  • Respect equal opportunities between men and women in terms of access to employment, training, professional promotion, and working conditions.
  • When promoting employees, consider only the criteria that have to do with their knowledge and the skills necessary for them to do their work, doing so through an objective assessment of their performance.
  • Choose the best professionals by means of a selection process based on the candidates' experience, skills, knowledge, and competencies, without establishing differences in pay based on sex.
  • Promote the hiring of workers with disabilities, overcoming any type of architectural barrier that prevents them from undertaking their work.
  • Reject any type of harassment (physical harassment, psychological harassment, mobbing, or other types of harassment), as well as abuse of authority and any other conduct that creates an intimidating or offensive environment for our employees' human rights, as set forth in the Code of Conduct.