8 August, 2012
Un total de 13 nuevas salas de hemodiálisis serán construidas en el país por la caja de Seguro Social (CSS), a un costo de $126 millones. De estos, $30 millones están designados para construir infraestructuras, lo que incluye las del hospital Dr. Gustavo Nelson Collado de Chitré, para el cual ayer se colocó la primera piedra del proyecto.
8 August, 2012

A total of 13 new hemodialysis centers will be constructed throughout the country by the Caja de Seguro Social (CSS), at a cost of $126 million dollars. A portion of this ammount, $30 million, are designated for the construction of infrastructure, which includes the infrastructure for the Dr. Gustavo Nelson Collado de Chitré Hospital, for which work was officially begun yesterday.

8 August, 2012

Both the Doctor Reynaldo Almanzar Maternity Hospital and the Doctor Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospitals at the City of Health Medical Complex will be inaugurated this week. The investment realized on these two facilities totals $74 million dollars.

Construction and equipment of this project was managed by Carimex, part of IBT Group, which has a contract with the Ministry of Public Health for the constructon of these healthcare facilities.

7 August, 2012

This thursday the Supervisor of Public Works will inaugurate a project that has seen 5 different administrations. Yesterday, dozens of employees were giving the finishing details for the new market with 300 market stalls.

During a tour of the market, Carmen Marti Bisono, of Constructor Consulting and Engineering (CCE), the company in charge of finalizing the work, showed that the first level was organized for the sale of fruits and vegetables, poultry and fish, grains, flowers, and spices. The second floor will serve botanicals and general home merchandise.

11 July, 2012

The deciding wager that IBT Group made more than a decade ago has been rewarded with important projects in hospital and public works industries. IBT Group has won contracts for the construction of 4 hospitals as well as the construction and equipment of 5 primary care centers. The hospital centers, with an investment of more than 280 million dollars, will raise the capacity and public services in Panama by more than 1000 beds.

26 June, 2012

Álvaro Vidal, Executive President of EsSalud, announced today that EsSalud will build six new hospitals in Lima with the most modern technology and infrastructure.

These new establishments will be located in strategic locations that currently have no health facilities or require greater coverage, as is the case in Villa Maria del Triunfo, Ate Vitarte, San Juan de Lurigancho, San Juan de Miraflores, Miraflores (Suárez Angamos) y  Callao.

16 June, 2012

The executive president of EsSalud, Álvaro Vidal Rivadeneyra, announced yesterday that there are 18 new hospitals projected to be built in Peru, six of which will be within Lima.

The announcement was made after participating in a public ceremony for the inauguration of construction of the new Level III Villa Maria del Triunfo Hospital.  The hospital will be located between 26 of November and Defensores de Lima avenues, over an area of 19,000 square meters.  The investment for this infrastructure and implementation will be 40 million dollars.

15 June, 2012

The Executive President of EsSalud, Álvaro Vidal, placed the first stone of the new Level III Hospital to be built in Villa Maria del Triunfo, under the Public-Private partnership model.

The new hospital complex, which will integrate itself to the Rebagliati Assistance Network, will provide services to 250,000 insured, and will include modern equipment of 200 beds, clinical laboratories, obstetric center, radiology, among others.

The investment in the construction and equipment of this new hospital will surpass $40 million dollars.

31 May, 2012

With an investment of 126 million 341 thousand dollars, the Social Security Administration (CSS) will be able to provide hemodialysis treatment services in 13 new facilities and 4 remodeled existing facilities.

The project, which includes construction and habilitation, will be completed in 52 months.  In total, the project will include 311 new machines at a national level.

Around the entire country, the CSS provides services to 1,059 patients and it is estimated that by 2016 it will need to provide services to 150 more patients per year.

31 May, 2012

The construction of 13 hemodialysis facilities, the remodeling of 4 existing facilities, and installation of 311 new machines, are all part of the project of the project being executed by the Social Security Administration (CSS) for $126 million to improve services to patients with renal failure.