31 May, 2012

This Thursday President Leonel Fernandez presided over the inauguration of Alfridomsa in Contanza, in the province of La Vega.

During the inauguration, the president of Alfridomsa, Felix Garcia, indicated that the work of President Leonel Fernandez's government motivated the investment of 12 million dollars on this project.  He explained that Alfridomsa will create 500 direct jobs and around 2,500 indirect jobs.

29 May, 2012

According to the director of the Social Security Administration (CSS), Guillermo Sáez Llorens, services directed towards the 1,059 hemodialysis patients with renal failure will radically change thanks to the hemodialysis project being executed by the CSS over the next 52 months.  17 hemodialysis facilities will be rehabilitated throughout Panama, of which 4 will be remodeled and 13 will be built.

17 May, 2012

The capacity to supply 85% of all the vegetables consumed by the country is just one of the potentials that the valley of Constanza has. According to recent studies, it counts with the infrastructure, land, and technical capabilities to supply one hundred percent of the national market.

17 May, 2012

The Executive President of EsSalud, Dr. Alvaro Vidal, laid the first stone for a new Level III Hospital to be built in El Callao, Peru, which will be integrated to the Sabogal Assistance Network.

The new hospital complex will attend to 250,000 insured patients and will include modern equipment with more than 200 beds, clinical laboratories, obstetric center, radiology, among others.

The construction and equipment of the new center will last 24 months, which should see it operating by May 2014.

17 May, 2012

Panama Metro, runner up in the national baseball tournament, received a check for 10,000 dollars from its sponsor IBT Group Panama.

Each member of the team also received a check for 250 dollars. In addition, Eddie Serrano, Avelino Asprilla y Hermán Montero, each received $500 dollars for their prominent participation.

Concepción Rodríguez received $1,000 dollars for being the most valuable player in the national tournament.

7 May, 2012

Structural work at the construction of the new Anita Moreno Hospital is 55% complete, where the government is investing 70 million through a "turnkey" contract.

The work is being executed by IBT Health, comprised of Carimex and Riogersa. The company is also building three other hospital projects totaling $237.1 million dollars.

2 May, 2012
The government yesterday inaugurated the public hospital of Monte Plata, built at a cost of 695 million pesos, which will benefit more than 200,000 people from the surrounding provinces. The ceremony was headed by President Leonel Fernandez. The new hospital was finished and equipped by IBT Group.
1 May, 2012
President Leonel Fernandez today reinaugurated the Monte Plata Provincial Hospital, built at a cost of $18 million dollars. The hospital counts with two stories and 120 beds, as well as a delivery area, intensive care unit, emergency area, pharmacy, and 3 operating rooms, among others. Construction will benefit more than 60,000 people, including residents of of Monte Plata and the provinces of Bayuaguana, Sabana Grande de Boyá, Peralvillo and Yamasá, as well as the municipal districts of Chirino, Don Juan y Gonzalo.
28 April, 2012

President Fernandez inaugurated the construction of a modern hospital for the tourist municipality of Sosua, at a cost of $27 million dollars.

After digging in with the symbolic first shovel, the Minister of Public Health, Bautista Rojas Gomez explained that this project will be a new municipal hospital with the latest advances in health.

He added that the hospital will have a capacity of 80 beds and will give optimal healthcare services not only to Sosua, but also to local residents of Puerto Plata, Yasica, and the rural community of El Muñoz, Montellano, among others.

27 April, 2012

An investment of more than $5 million dollars in the construction of a new Primary Care Center is the hope that residents of the Pese District and surrounding areas have to improve medical services in the region.

Willam Lao, president of the Asociación de Jubilados de Pesé, is awaiting after many years the construction of the Primary Care Center, as the area has lacked a hospital that provides medical and emergency services. He affirmed that patients will now be attended to in Pese, rather than the Chitre Hospital.