28 November, 2011

The population of Colon will have quality hospital healthcare due to the construction of the new Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital by IBT Group. The hospital, located in the Coco Solo District, a province of Colon, will be equipped with modern facilities and state of the art technology.

21 November, 2011

With the delivery in the year 2013 of the modern hospital under construction by IBT Group, in the district of Bugaba within the province of Chiriqui, thousands of residents will benefit from quality healthcare services, being that these facilities will be equipped with the latest generation medical equipment.

The Bugaba General Hospital will serve one of the principal needs of its local population and surrounding villages with currently lack primary healthcare services.

12 November, 2011
Residents in the province of Darien will no longer have to travel to regional healthcare facilities in Chepo or Panama City to receive hospital care due to a new modern hospital under construction by IBT Group benefiting the local community. The Meteti General Hospital, located in San Vicente in the Pinogana District, will count with modern hospital facilities and equipment.
4 November, 2011

The Professor Juan Bosch Traumatology and Surgical Hospital, built by IBT Group, treats an average of 500 ambulatory and emergency patients every day using the latest medical technology.

Since opening its doors in 2006, the hospital has treated 197,412 patients, of which 85% are insured. This income has allowed the hospital to continue purchasing new and innovative equipment to treat patients. The hospital has also performed laboratory tests for 490,453 patients and diagnostic imaging to 152,206.

30 September, 2011
The Spanish ambassador in Dominican Republic, Jaume Segura Socías, confirmed that the construction of Merca Santo Domingo and the modern retail markets Cristo Rey, Villa Consuelo and Avenida Duarte are a milestone in the modernization of the commercialization in agricultural production and in ensuring food safety standards.
28 September, 2011
Deutsche Bank has structured a receivables-discounting facility for five state hospitals financed with Panama’s first Pidiregas scheme. Four of the hospitals are being built by a consortium led by Miami-based firm IBT Group.
5 July, 2011

Sucomex SA (, a subsidiary of IBT Group, signed a contract to equip the New Regional Hospital of Villa Maria, Argentina. The new hospital will include equipped facilities for emergentology, reanimation, hemotherapy, hemodialysis, hemodynamics, sterlization, laboratories, and an advanced center for the treatment of oncological diseases.

The hospital will also include 170 beds, beds for pediatric use, intensive and traditional therapy, a coronoary unit, and neonatology.

6 May, 2011
The new Anita Moreno Hospital of Los Santos, being built at a cost of $70 million, will fill an important need not only the region of Azuero, but the rest of the provinces as well. The hospital will include subspecialties in cardiology, neurology, hematology, endocrinology, dermatology, radiology and much more. The multinational group IBT Health is developing the project.
10 April, 2011
The four new hospitales that are under construction in Panama within the provinces of Chiriquí, Colón, Darién, Los Santos y Veraguas, at a cost of $386 million, will benefit more than one million people and create more than three thousand permanent jobs.
23 March, 2011

This past February 7th, Sucomex inaugurated de Austrian-Haitian Community Hospital in St. Louis du Nord, in the northeast district, about eight hours for the capital. The project has its origins from the donation of different Austrian institutions, while de management and application for funds was executed by ONG Hilfswerk-Austria.

The rural hospital counts with 20 beds and services such as observation areas, minor surgeries, observation, pharmacy, and laboratory, as well as support systems including incinerator, sanitary systems, potable water equipment, and generator.