23 March, 2011

The primary care centers and new hospital under construction in Bugaba and Volcan will alleviate congestion and overcrowding at the hospitals in the City of David, Panama, according to the minister of health.

The facilities will include the latest in medical equipment and technology.

11 August, 2010
The president Leonel Fernandez and the first lady Margarita de Fernadez inaugurated this Tuesday the new modern emergency room with at the Ney Arias Lora Traumatology Hospital within the City of Health.
28 July, 2010
The multinational group IBT Health, comprised of Carimex, IBT, and Riogersa, was awarded four of the five hospitals available for bid. The Meteti Hospital in the province of Darien with an offer of $36.5 million, the Anita Moreno Hospital with a bid of $59.5 million, the Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital in Colon for $110.5 million and the Bugaba Hospital of Chiriqui for $3.6 million will all be built by IBT Health. The fifth hospital was awarded to FCC.
20 March, 2010
IBT Group arrives in Panama. With José Ramón Brea, IBT Group began its growth through strategic acquisitions of companies such as Carimex and Constructor Consulting and Engineering. This expansion has made IBT a leader in its industry, with offices in Miami, Madrid, Dominican Republic, Sao Paulo, Jakarta, Beijing, and Panama.
4 February, 2010
Two large hospitals will be delivered and inaugurated in March, one in the City of Health on Jacobo Majlta Avenue and the other in Pedro Brand. Both works are being developed by public works development company Carimex.
14 December, 2009
IBT Group won recognition and awards from the City of Miami and the Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce.
2 November, 2009
The office of the first lady inaugurated the new pediatric emergency wing of the Dr. Darío Contreras Hospital with the goal of reducing child mortality and offering appropriate medical care of children.
26 March, 2009

The San Rafael Hospital in Santa Tecla El Salvador, one of the seven hospitals damaged during the 2001 earthquakes, is getting ready for inauguration.

The modern facilities count with 275 beds, 53 more than the previous facility. Furthermore, there are six surgical rooms to attend programmed surgeries, emergencies, and specialties. In addition, the areas of neonatology and pediatrics count with 32 cribs each and eight mechanical ventilators.

6 June, 2008
The new Traumatology Hospital at the City of Health will debut next October at a cost of $38.7 million by the company Carimex. The project is considered an integrated "turnkey" project.
9 May, 2006
The president Leonel Fernández inaugurates this afternoon the new Juan Bosch Traumatology Hospital with an area of 70,000 m2 and at a cost of $48 million. The new health center, located along the Duarte highway in the community of El Pino counts with a capacity of 145 beds, eight surgical rooms, emergency room facilities, physical therapy and rehabilitation, parking an helipad.