The Social Responsibility with our Collaborators

Human Resources

IBT Group is aware that its human team is one of the most important resources and without them; IBT Group will not be able to comply with its strategic objectives. Therefore, it is essential to have a selection, recruiting and talent retention process, which will enable us to have the best professional.


IBT Group assumes as a strategic objective, the importance of optimizing quality and cost of equipment, materials and services; in keeping with the requirements defined by vendors and to establish long-term relationships.

The vendor selection processes adapt to the Selection and Hiring Procedure, which defines objective criteria to prevent any interest conflict arising during selection.

In this sense, IBT Group wants to work with its vendors towards the creation of shared value having in mind the following action principles:

Health and Safety

To IBT Group, to provide a healthy and safe work environment to all their collaborators is first. To do so, we count with a Health and Safety Handbook at the Work Site and we compromise with some principles, which shall rule all our activities: